V-Tech Lighting Corp.

By a group of lighting enthusiasts in Taiwan.

V-Tech Lighting Corp. was founded in 1979 by a group of lighting enthusiasts in Taiwan. Originally named “Fantasy Lighting Corp.”, the company has transformed from a trading company to a versatile lighting products enterprise with cross-strait operation through constant renovation and transformation.

  • 1987Established its first factory in Taiwan.
    V-Tech Lighting established its first factory in Taiwan to produce work lamps that were mostly shipped to the U.S. Following the successful business of quality manufacturing, the company subsequently entered the European market, with expansion in halogen lamps, firstly focusing on table lamp series and then on floor lamps, wall lamps, and decorative lamps.
  • 1997Relocated its manufacturing facilities to Dongguan.
    V-Tech Lighting relocated its manufacturing facilities to Dongguan, China with the headquarter remained in Taiwan. This 20,000 square meter modern factory is staffed with over 300 stable and skilled workers. Through vertical integration, V-Tech Lighting was able to streamline production process and further improve its quality control.

In order to play a proactive role in energy saving and green technology, V-Tech Lighting is actively extending its business to LED products and has successfully developed several lighting series, including LED task lamps and office lightings. It will be the embankment of many initiatives toward the sustainable development goal for a better environment.

V-Tech Lighting offers outstanding OEM & ODM services from its competent engineering ability and advanced manufacturing facilities. The company values every possibility to provide quality products and service through cost effective options to its customers, motivated by continuous improvement and endless pursuit of perfection. V-Tech Lighting established long-term partnership with its customers around the world.